Thursday, March 12, 2009

This week's Google updates from Addison Technologies

For the past few days, the internet has been abuzz with the latest Google updates. This week we will recap a few of those for you and would be glad to field any questions you may have.

If you have been following the newsfeeds lately, you may have read that Google will now utilize "Interest-based Advertising." This is hardly new or groundbreaking technology on the surface. Both Yahoo and Microsoft have been in the practice of basing customized advertising on activities of particular web browsers.

To date, Google has been basing its system on search content, keywords and website content. Where Google will take this practice to a new level is by combining their existing data with the technology purchased in their $3.2 billion acquisition of the Internet ad service DoubleClick, Inc. By installing Double Click's existing code, also known as a 'cookie', to their advertising partners servers, Google has already begun the monitoring process of its users. Google will be able to track the user's favorite websites, interests and frequent searches while providing that information fluidly to their advertising partners.

While the there are those who only see the nefarious potential of such power, Google is hoping that this new combined technology will create an atmosphere in which the customer is a more willing participant in the marketing process.

To further enhance the overall experience, and perhaps to quiet the critics, Google has provided an opt-in and out-out feature to your profile. This will allow you to provide any additional interests that you may have, and more importantly, you can opt out of the marketing tracking process with a few simple clicks.

Another update from Google that we believe you may find useful is this video breakdown of the Google AdWords advertising process. Have you ever wondered why you pay as much, or as little as you do? Have you wondered if the SEO quality of your page has an effect of both your rankings and your advertising? Google's Chief Economist Hal Varian explains it all for you here:

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  1. Thanks for providing this information. Sometimes new technology can be overwhelming. Glad to have it sorted out a little better now.

  2. that's a really cool video. thanks for that!

  3. i liked the video explaining adwords. it makes a lot more sense now.

  4. The video about adwords was quite informative. thank you

  5. That video really explains a lot.

  6. The power of Google is pretty scary.

  7. So apparantly google has sold out. History shows us that ussually meanbs they are on the way out of dominating the search engine market.. so who is going to take their place?