Thursday, May 20, 2010

We Told You So.

We at Addison Technologies would like to say "We told you so." We don't do that often, but then we haven't seen something coming for the last eight years. That is how long Addison Tech owner Woody Sims has predicted prognosticated foretold that television and the interwebz would merge into one seamless configuration. Then we happened upon this article talking about the upcoming release of Google and Intel's Android/Atom CPU driven TV venture. It only makes sense, really. Think of the practicality for the user—Hulu, Netflix, etc will be easier accessed on a bigger screen, thus opening up untapped markets in that area. Think of applications for your TV just like your smart phone (like Sony and other TV manufactures have been toying with already.) And the marketing, oh the marketing. Google ads, SEO and other online marketing tools will be taken to a new level with this. It's going to make things quite interesting for the realms of television, advertising, internet--media overall, really. Just think: you can say that you knew the folks who told you so!