Friday, October 28, 2011

Wishing You a Geeky Halloween

If you have spent any amount of time around geeks, you have an idea that Halloween is a big deal for us. It is our high holy holiday, the day when you normal folk act like we do year round. For one dark, murky night of the year, we are not given odd looks for traveling with a robot or broadsword, nor are we mocked for our obsessive attention to detail. Sure, we made that costume for a *con earlier in the year, but hey, we arent going to turn down another chance to use it!
So, out of our love of Halloween, we at Addison Technologies are going to give you a roundup of things techy for Halloween:

Number 7 is my personal favorite:
Ghoulish Gadgets

While I *want* the vortex tunnel, the haunted toliet paper would be pretty fun too:
Terrifying Halloween Gadgets

Halloween up your cube at work:
Think Geek

What geek Halloween post would be complete without jack-o-lanterns:
Geek Jack-O-Lanterns

Or some nasty looking edibles:
Jello Blood Worms