Friday, July 6, 2012

You Will Be Mocked

So, if you've been hanging around in society long, or especially if you've been reading our blog here, you know that Facebook changes privacy settings like most people change underwear. People are constantly being reminded to check and update their privacy settings, and yet, somehow, there are people who don't listen. What happens on the internet, when people don't listen to something that has been hammered home again and again and again? They get mocked, of course.

And thus we have to present to you the website We Know What You're Doing (And We Think You Should Stop). It uses data that is publicly available to post people's status updates in the categories of “Who wants to get fired,” “Who's hungover,” “Who's taking drugs,” and “Who's got a new phone number1.” But what happens if you *gasp* see one of your status' on the website, and want it to disappear? Delete it, and change your privacy settings. Simple as that.

Wait, haven't we said that before? Something about “don't post stupid things like “dude, i'm soooooo wasted” and then be shocked when your employer isn't thrilled.” Or, you know, we may have said “change thy privacy settings” once or twice. Just sayin...

1 And note, the guy behind the website does block out the phone numbers, so we applaud him for being responsible. Bravo, sir.