Monday, August 13, 2012

You Will Be Mocked, Part II

This is very nearly a Episode II to our previous post. It seems that there are even more morons on the interwebz, and guess what they're doing this time? They're posting photos of their debit cards.I have yet to understand how this can be thought of as a "good idea."
 I mean, really, it's not like people have their identities stolen every day or anything. And as like last time, where there are people doing stupid things, there are others around to mock them. Enter the twitter site @needadebitcard that posts them, after a quick twitter search for "debit card" and other associated terms. Thankfully though, some people, upon realization of what they have done, have deleted the photos and changed their privacy settings, but many others have not. So, dear readers, don't be like these. Tighten the privacy settings, and think before you post. The interwebz is forever, after all.