Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rooty Tooty Fresh-n-Fail

I like pancakes. Everyone likes them, right? To paraphrase Donkey from Shrek, you never hear people say “Hell no, I don't like no pancakes.” I know, you're right now thinking “That's nice...” as you start really contemplating my sanity. This is a blog for a company that does websites, marketing, and things like that, right? Look, I have a method to the madness, just hang with me.

So, IHOP, the illustrious International House of Pancakes, is having a promotion right now, that among other things, is offering free pancakes. Fantastic, right? I know! But in the “among other things” area, they've also offered a reminder “wake up call” recorded by a celebrity to remind people about the free pancake day, that you signed up for on the website. Great, you say. Lots of pancake'd up people are going to be running around today, after getting a wake up call from someone in Twilight. Lovely. No, no, that's not my point. My point is, their website is down.

See, America loves pancakes and celebrities so, so much that the IHOP website is down.

My point: don't let this happen to you. Think about how much your consumers love your product (and celebrities) before you offer a promotion like this, and make sure your website can keep up. After all, you do know folks who can help with that.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Social Media "Fads"

Do you know someone in business who is still holding out on this whole “social media fad” thing? Someone who thinks that social media has nothing to offer their business, that's for teens and nothing more? Well, here's another factoid that you can use to help drag them, kicking and screaming, into the year 2012: LinkedIn is making a name for itself as a recruitment tool.

I mean, think about it. It makes sense.

LinkedIn already is the place for corporate networking. They've evolved now to offer job postings, recruitment, and a management system for those pesky resumes you get when you advertise for a job. It has virtually taken the place of the corporate recruiter, or at least made that guy learn how to head-hunt via the interwebs—assessing talent, interviews, etc.

And of course, you already know some talented people who know their way around the social media “fad.” The good folks at Addison Tech can help you out. Cause we're good like that.

And no, LinkedIn isn't paying us to say this. LinkedIn, in all likelyhood, doesn't know that we exist. All opinions here are exactly that: opinions.