Thursday, May 21, 2009

Netbooks effect broadband market and Twitter not selling out, yet.

A recent report by the Pyramid Research Firm has found that the continued rise in sales of Netbooks will result in a continued and prolonged demand for mobile broadband services. This has to be great news for wireless carriers and certainly explains why several have begun to offer discount, or subsidized, netbooks as part of their service packages.

Quickly vanishing are the days in which customers were required to purchase bulky computer systems with powerful operating systems. Netbooks typically operate on less resource-intensive operating systems since they are designed to provide easy internet and email access to the user. These systems allow the user to concentrate their online time and efforts on web browsing, email, and social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Such developments in online communities also display the need for targeted online marketing strategies by businesses. Some components of these strategies, such as search engine enhancement, became vital as users are spending more time online but less time willing to wade through pages of search results to find what they are looking for on the web.

Speaking of Twitter, web strategy and marketing... For some time now, people have begun to wonder exactly how Twitter will begin to generate revenue. Despite the immense popularity of the online social networking tool, it has yet to show a means of producing revenue. According to Twitter co-Founder Biz Stone, Twitter will not be turning to online advertising. In the meantime, it appears that Twitter will continue to operate largely off of the $55 million in venture capital the company has received.