Thursday, April 23, 2009

Google to allow Google profiles in search results

According to Google's official blog, they will now be allowing Google profile results at the bottom of U.S. name-query search pages.

Google claims that they are doing this "To give you greater control over what people find when they search for your name." Like most things related to Google, there are those that will embrace this as an opportunity to have greater control over their personal and professional brand, meanwhile others will see this as yet another move by 'big brother' to gather and reveal more of their personal information.

Regardless of your position on the subject, it is wise to keep in mind that so long as your name is attached to it then you may well be held accountable for your content. Social networking online is no different than how you would present yourself personally and professionally 'offline.' Recently, we have started to move past simple online marketing and search engine enhancement with our clients and work on web strategies and business consulting to help clients maintain a positive image for themselves as well as their company. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our web strategies that will help keep hits coming to your site, while building your professional credibility in your respective industry.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Google moving to purchase Twitter?

It wasn't too long ago that Google CEO Erich Schmidt referred to Twitter as "a poor man's email system." Now it appears that Google was either slow playing the market, or they have finally discovered the growing value of the micro blogging tool. Rumors and reports this week have Google talking with Twitter about a possible acquisition.

The merger would seem to make a lot of sense on the surface. Twitter catalogs information in real-time, which is sure to take a bite out of the Google market share. While Google and other search engines are clearly the better choice for information in most scenarios, Twitter has a major advantage by allowing events to be documented as they are happening. This effectively removes the filter of the media and gives people the feeling that they are somehow experiencing and learning of events through the eyes and words of those living it. We saw this play out here in the United States during the crash landing of US Airways flight 1549 , as well as abroad during the terrorist attacks in Mumbia, India.

In the past, Google has shown the ability to both improve markets while dominating them. At this time, it appears that they cannot compete with this newer technology of Twitter and may well look to purchase it.