Friday, April 23, 2010

Google and the Small Business

We've noted before that Google is introducing new features and tweaking old ones lately. Well, here's another observation of it. This article discusses that Google's "Local Business Center" is now called "Google Places" and has some bigger-better-more customizable features. Owners have been able to add their business to the listing for some time already, but now you're able to tag your listing with keywords, show your geographic service areas, have a business photo shoot (should you live in certain areas) and customize a QR (Quick Response) code for your business. All things that will help your consumers to find you among the sea of competitors.

So, why are we writing about this? Other than the fact that it's something new and business-y? Because if your time constraints don't allow you to do this for your business, or if you aren't completely confident with it, AddisonTech can help you out with that. Time and confidence, we have it!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Who Owns Your Soul?

No, this isn't going to be a post on religion, heaven, hell, etc. It seems that the British video game retailer Gamestation played an interesting April Fool's Trick on its buyers. According to this article they slipped an "Immortal Soul Clause" in their Terms and Agreements form. Buyers could opt out by clicking a button (and would have received a discount, should they have done so) but only 12% chose to do so. Gamestation says that they did this to illustrate how people to do read the Terms and Conditions that they agree to--they simply click "I agree" and go onward.

My first reaction to this: "Awesome prank!" My second reaction: "Oh man, they're right..." I'm just as guilty as the next person of this. Reading the legal mumbo jumbo on some of these things is a cure for insomnia. On a good day, I skim through the legalese, although I don't know if I would have caught the selling of my soul or not.

So, how do companies protect themselves legally, but get customer readership of the document up? Good question for all of us who have to use them in our businesses. Other than getting Pixar to animate a "Terms and Agreement" short film, how do you see a solution to this? Any ideas out there?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Now What?

*If you're not a business owner and reading this, play pretend with us for just a minute. I promise, it won't take long.

So, you're a business owner. You want your business to be front of mind with your consumers, so you become social media savvy. You Facebook, you Tweet. Just like your employees do in their private lives. But, as an employer, what do you do if your employees start posting things concerning business that weren't supposed to be public? How do you protect yourself and your clients? Like this article points out, you need a company social media policy.
We know you trust the people you hire, but unscrupulous people exist. A signed by every employee, legal social media policy can cover your rear in case of litigation, plus it should clarify issues for your employees. They then can see what is acceptable, and what crosses the line. Which is good for everyone's rear end.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Is the mighty falling?

After years of being the top of the smart phone heap, is the iphone's reign coming to an end? This article suggests that this just may be the case. In the US, the android phones are rapidly gaining ground, while the iphone is starting to dwindle. The article also points out that, since smart phones are as much about the "smart" (ie, the browsing capabilities) as they are the "phone," that it is wise to take into consideration that overall mobile browsing is up. This means that the race isn't so much about winner/loser as it is about the success of the platforms.

Ok, so what does that mean for you, the business owner? It means that more of your customers are going to be using smart phones, therefore will be able to browse more. Thus, your company website, social media and marketing will be more important than ever. Now, aren't you glad you know some super savvy people who can help you out with that?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Addison Technologies Announces Merger


Addison Technologies Announces Merger With Go Daddy

Pottstown, PA, USA
– April 1, 2010

Addison Technologies is proud to announce that they are merging with web giant as of April 1, 2010. The resulting company will keep the same quality workmanship and care as consumers have come to expect from both Addison Technologies and Go Daddy. The main change that customers will notice is that the name and logo will change, from "Go Daddy" to "Go D'Addi" in the next few months. And next year expect to see Brad Hurlock and Woodrow Sims in the Superbowl commercial with Go Daddy spokeswoman Danica Patrick! Negotiations are still underway as to how much clothing will be worn by Mr. Hurlock and Mr. Sims.

In anticipation of the upcoming changes, current Addison Technologies clients and fans are asked to do the following: Please check your calenders, and ensure that today is in fact, April Fool's Day. You may then proceed in groaning, smacking your forehead, giggling, or simply shaking your head.