Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Now What?

*If you're not a business owner and reading this, play pretend with us for just a minute. I promise, it won't take long.

So, you're a business owner. You want your business to be front of mind with your consumers, so you become social media savvy. You Facebook, you Tweet. Just like your employees do in their private lives. But, as an employer, what do you do if your employees start posting things concerning business that weren't supposed to be public? How do you protect yourself and your clients? Like this article points out, you need a company social media policy.
We know you trust the people you hire, but unscrupulous people exist. A signed by every employee, legal social media policy can cover your rear in case of litigation, plus it should clarify issues for your employees. They then can see what is acceptable, and what crosses the line. Which is good for everyone's rear end.

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