Friday, January 6, 2012

SOPA, Buzzwords, IE6, and Squirrels

The beginning of a new year always seems to make me a little ADD, it seems. There are so many new things abounding, that I find it hard to focus on one, and write a coherent blog about it, because -squirrel- there's so many other interesting things competing for my eye. And so, since we haven't done a blog round up in a bit, here's a good one for you:

Heard anything about the whole GoDaddy/SOPA debacle? well here's some other SOPA -themed activities that might be in the works:
Google, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook consider 'nuclear' blackout

Buzzwords always are fun things to me. Oh sure, they convey what you're trying to say in a lovely jargon, but folks like me tend to make fun of them. Example: one that has been mocked here for nearly a decade: "multi-faceted revenue streams." Yes, we have heard that said in seriousness. teehee:
Words and expressions I want banned in 2012

If you recall This post then you will do the happy dance with us:
IE6 Almost Dead in the US

Not so much a shock, really:
US Survey Shows Piracy Common and Accepted

The ability to get your friend's opinions of places to travel (without actually pestering your friends), instead of wondering if the reviewer on Trip Advisor is being a troll:
How Expedia Plans to Make Travel More Social

Are you boring? Dull? Not so much gifted with interest? Well then, this is for you:
How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)

Another shocking development, Facebook and Twitter have been invaded with spammers. Wait, so you mean that the random hot chick that tried to follow me on twitter, yet only tweets in (*i think) Russian is a spammer? Dude, WTH?
Facebook, Twitter Battle Spammers

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