Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A man can get a reputation from very small things. -Sophocles

Reputation. We all have one, whether we like it or not, from the moment we are born. There are plenty of wise people who have written famous things about having a reputation, be that in a good or bad sense. No surprise there. But, really, how much does the average person think about their reputation? Not a lot, most likely. We live our lives, interact with our friends on social media, without giving it a thought. Except that increasingly, we should give it a thought, especially if you’re one of the many people today who are looking for a job.

Now, I’m talking about more than your co-workers seeing embarrassing photos from your recent Vegas trip. No, now there are businesses offering services to look into your online reputation for potential employers, advertisers, and anyone else, really. Who would benefit from knowing if you are a slacker, hard worker, trustworthy or not? Anyone who would enter into a contract with you. Kinda creepy, but it should only be the latest in the reminders to be thoughtful about what you post online.

Reputation Graph VS. People Rank
Like It or Not the Reputation Graph is Here to Stay

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