Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10....Well, Make That Top 5 List

Happy New Year's Eve to all! The end of the year always means top ten lists everywhere, from tv to music to the internet. Of course, bloggers everywhere are making their own lists of 10 things they thought were important/stupid/influential/etc. All for you to read and ponder.
But let's face it, its New Year's Eve. You, dear reader, are more than likely about to go out with friends, or sit cozily at home and watch them take Dick Clark out of the formaldehyde vat for one more ball drop countdown. You have things to do. So, out of the greatest consideration for your time, we've condensed all the top 10 lists into the top five things that caught our attention.

5.Green Things
Everything has "gone green" lately, from laundry detergent to light bulbs. Why wouldn't IT? It's not only where to recycle those computer parts anymore, either, it's the fact that companies are evaluating how to make their data centers more energy efficient, and seeing how to reduce their carbon footprint.

4.More People Use Netbooks
Tiny computers for business folk to use for internet and email. Bigger screen than a cellphone, but smaller than the average laptop. Great for buses, subways, coffee shops and park benches nationwide. Of course they're a hit!

3. More Built-In Wireless Broadband
For us at Addison Technologies, and any other web businesses, this is a good thing. More people have built in wireless cards in their phones, netbooks and laptops, thereby giving more people web access. More people on the web = more potential customers.

2. Google Chrome
Its always interesting to watch competition, especially when it involves giants like Microsoft and Google. Chrome is promising things like security, which Microsoft has been notoriously hackable on. As with all free market competition, this should be beneficial to us, the end users!

1. Flying Car
It's quite nearly 2010, and we still don't have those flying cars that we were promised way back in the day. But things are looking up, a Massachusetts company is working on a car/airplane that runs on regular unleaded, and can drive on the highway.

Happy New Year, All!

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