Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Stop Blog Spot

If you're anything like me, you may read blogs and think link round ups are a cop-out. In writing for this blog for a while now, I realize they are not necessarily so. For me, it is a by-product of adult ADD and not wanting to miss showing you all informative/uber neat/completely random things! It was near-to-impossible to narrow things down to one (coherent) post, there were security topics, hardware topics, awesome save your live apps, and so here you are:

UPSM is working on an app that will document the locations of all AED's (automated external defibulators.) So if someone is experiencing cardiac arrest, you or the 911 operator could locate one nearby, thus getting help more quickly.

If you find your laptop is lost or stolen, change the passwords that are stored in it immediately. Duh, I know. But it can be hacked from the laptop, and you could be screwed.

A PC with Mac Air specs? Why yes, I likee. Oh wait, read that last paragraph. Fail.

Wait, what do you mean that mobile banking on your android went wrong? How could banking on an easily-lost, app'ed up device go wrong?

Price versus Function, Tablet versus iPad.

For the truely geeky amongst us, we mourn as news of SyFy's Eureka is cancelled.

And, for good measure, something from the tinfoil hat file.

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