Monday, June 27, 2011


I'm sure you've noticed, dearly devoted reader, that I have a *cough* few soapboxes that I climb upon from time to time. I'm going to pull out the one that is labeled "Really, People?" Ok, everyone ready? Got a good seat? *scans crowd* Can everyone see? Ok? Good...

Ok, I just read this article about all the malware on Facebook. Go and read that article, it's short. I'll wait.

*shuffles feet, waits for people to get back...*

Folks, what possesses people to click on that, thinking "this is legitimate"? I mean, really? And the same goes for the one that is the "funny condom commercial" and "live baby birth." Did your grandma post the link for "funny condom commercial"? So, lets look at the logic: would they normally do that? If the answer is no, then...come on, make the jump with might be malware. Is it worth the risk of a facejacking virus that tells everyone you're gullible1, for the slim possibility of seeing a photo that someone committed suicide after taking? Is it worth your clients, vendors, etc seeing that you clicked on a lamp that happens to look like questionable lady-bits? After all, there is truth in the old adage "It's better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt."

*steps down from soapbox, cleans off shoe prints. tucks it back under the table.*

1 Yes, if you have clicked on one of those links, I'm calling you gullible. My own aunt has clicked on one, and I've called her that as well. I have no shame.

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